Why do I need a House Measurement?


Situations arise lately involving discrepancies in square footage. Typically, when an agent lists a property for sale, the square footage number is taken directly from the Tax records, Previous listings or old Appraisal Reports.

 What if the square footage is wrong?

Tax Records are not detailed and seldom accurate.  Previous Listings require that you rely on the expertise of the previous Real Estate agent.  Old Appraisal Reports also require that you rely on the accuracy of the appraiser.  Are you willing to rely on someone else that you have no knowledge of their expertise?

Property Measurements are your responsibility.  Incorrect measurements leave you liable.

Reasons for Services:

  • Real Estate professionals hire a Home Measuring Service to accurately measure properties and provide updated floor plans.
  • Saves time and money – Allows you to do what you do best – “SELL”.
  • Floor Plans
    • will distinguish you above other Brokers.
    • are a good marketing tool that attracts and increases buyer interest.
    • are great to offer online when buyer interest is generated from a distance.
    • allow potential buyers to better understand the layout of a home before viewing it.